For a while I've been looking for a platform to publish work on.
Somewhere that I can tell whatever stories that I feel the need to tell.

I really like email as a format and don't you feel that email is more personal compared with a blog, social or YouTube?

If I'd started my career as a photographer in an earlier age I'd surely have worked for magazines or newspapers.
But today there's only so many times that you can hear "we don't have a budget for photographs" before you fell like giving up.
It’s not nice watching those publications wither away as they’ve struggled to adapt to the internet age.
I do think there’s a hug amount of value in newspapers and magazines that would be a real loss if we found ourselves without them.

Which brings me to this platform.

The ability to charge a subscription fee is something that has drawn me into this.
I’d like to be able to build my own publication paid for by subscriptions not by advertising.

Personally I'm not a fan of putting up a pay wall.
Would it not be better to have a quality wall?

How come it has become acceptable to put adwords or affiliate links on our works but it's not cool to ask for the sale from your own audience?
Why is it ok to make Amazon, Google or Facebook ever richer but not for any of us to scratch a living?
Not to mention the privacy concerns and questions that comes with each of those brands.

As a platform I'm very interested to see how this evolves and as a creative I’m excited to be able to experiment.
If you know of other photographers using this platform then please send me links. I’d be interested to follow their work too.

There are 3 topics that I'd like to talk about and show work based on.
One of my frustrations as both a consumer and a creator of content is the range of topics that are covered by the media here.
It’s really narrow and it’s always the same voices or the same types of voices.
I have never felt represented by main stream media.
And that’s not because I’m doing crazy left field stuff, I’m actually not.

I’m thinking about publishing on a Saturday or a Sunday.
Which ones should I pick?

You tell me.

I'm not going to list them, rather I thought it best to just