Doors Open day

I always forget about doors open day.
Every year it creeps up on me and feels like it could be better promoted.
There are so many places that I'd be interested in having a look around and the opportunity to photograph.

At least over the years I have managed to build a little archive of photographs.
A document to something at least.

This year I was too fatigued to really see much or go very far.
I chose two places close to me that I'd never been to with a proper camera before.
The first was the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Church on Garscube road.

This is Mackintosh's only church. He did do some church interior work, there's one in Bridge of Allan, but this is his only complete one.
It's no longer a working church and is now used for events, concerts and is the HQ of the mackintosh society.
The first thing I noticed slightly freaked me out.
A large image of the Glasgow School of Art fire on display.

It's a very dark building.
The wood used everywhere is almost black and the windows, while large, don't really let much light in.
At least not in the afternoon. they are in the shadow of the tenement block next door

If I'd had more time I'd have stayed longer and explored more of the building and the exhibition spaces at the back and downstairs.
I'd also have swung by D'Jaconelli's cafe next door for some ice cream or something.
Always liked going there. There aren't many old school traditional cafes left in Glasgow these days. We should make use of them while we have them.

Anyway, I digress.
Next port of call was St Charles church in Kelvinside.

I've always really liked this building as from some angles it's almost invisible.
Walk down Walton street and you can easily walk on by without even realising that it's there.
This is one of Gillespie, Kidd & Coia's churches.
The same architects who were behind St Peter's seminary in Cardross and numerous churches.

 I also really like the Modernist style they worked in.
These buildings are very bright and airy. Almost hopeful and optimistic.
Actually I love this building.
Everything about it. The way it looks like some kind of industrial building on the outside to the brightness of the interior.
The ceiling is a thing of wonder too.
Mind you it probably leaks like a sieve.
And don't get me started on the sculpted stations of the cross. Apparently Jack Coia himself is one of the figures, but I've yet to discover him. (but It'd be a massive help if I knew what he looked like)

There were a lot of buildings built in the 1960's and 70's like this in Scotland.
Maybe not all crafted with the same level of care.
The thing is, one day these will be rare.
At least they will be if the rate of knocking down 'concrete monstrosities' continues.
And I find that sad.

So I have a piece of homework for you.
Don't' worry, there's no scoring, you can only go wrong by not taking part.
It's simply this.
I challenge you to photograph the things that you see in your day to day life.
Mundane things.
Ordinary street life.
The buildings you pass every day.
The faces you see all the time.
The cars illegally parked boxing you in.
Ok maybe not that but certainly the cars and the buses and general traffic on the roads.

"Why are you asking me to do this Andrew?" I hear you ask.
One day all of these things will be gone.
And all that will remain will be your photograph.

Take this image for example.

I didn't take this for any other reason than to document Glasgow.
This is Queen Street railway station.
It’s not fancy and it’s not going to win awards but you cannot repeat this image.
The concrete office buildings have been flattened and replaced by a something that resembles a greenhouse.

New doesn't always equal better.

I took some photographs of the outside of St Charles for the sake of completion all the while hearing the away supporters chanting from Firhill.

Still the scoreline remained Partick Thistle nil.

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